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December 03, 2017

(3 minute read)

Scientists at the University of Queensland have been investigating the beard and concluded that women find men with scruff attractive as short-term partners.

And recent research suggests that, at least for the ladies, it all depends on what you’re looking for: a fun fling or something more serious.

Although it’s not clear why women view a bearded man as a keeper, earlier research suggests that beards make men look more mature and socially dominant.

Men with beards are more likely to take the lead, whether it’s overseeing a project or rounding everyone up for happy hour. The authors of the study, published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, propose that a full beard does double duty, masking extremely masculine features, which signal a potential Mr. Hit and Quit while also advertising husband qualities.

Research has shown time and again that women are attracted to typically masculine features (such as a prominent brow ridge and thick jawline) for casual hookups. Yet studies have also shown that people perceive men with beards as mature and socially dominant, qualities of someone more likely to secure resources and invest in raising children.

What gives?

To find out, the study authors photographed men when clean-shaven; with light, five-day-old stubble; with heavy, 10-day-old stubble; and with an at least four-week-old beard.

They used imaging software to manipulate the photos to make them appear more masculine or feminine, altering the men’s jawline, face length and other features. The researchers then randomly assigned women to three groups.

They asked the first group simply to rate the photos on a scale from 0 to 6, from least to most attractive.

The second group rated the attractiveness of the photos for a short-term relationship, while the third group rated their attractiveness for a long-term relationship.

The researchers analyzed the responses of 8,520 women, who rated the photos in an online survey. Across the board, women preferred any type of facial hair to a clean shave. For short-term relationships, they rated stubble as more attractive than beards, which they rated higher for long-term relationships.

Facial hair lessened the effects of feminizing or masculinizing the photos on attractiveness, suggesting that it nudges a man’s appearance toward the attractiveness “sweet spot” between feminine and masculine. For instance, a beard might balance out softer, more effeminate features, or mask the chiseled, masculine features that signal a man appropriate for taking to bed — but maybe not home to meet Mom.

To be sure, the study doesn’t explain how beards attract women.  (Does she find his beard alluring because it makes him look responsible, or because she’s a Portland barista who digs the lumber sexual look?) 

Still, the study is a really nice first step and we can glean some advice from her team’s findings.

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