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October 13, 2022

Gentlemen my name is Junior.

And I’m here to tell you that minoxidil really does work , anyone that wants to grow a beard , Minoxidil is the way to go.

Below you will see a brief description of my progress in the last 6-8/9 months including photos.

This is day one and the only thing I could grow is a mustache and a goatee that actually connected.

But because I couldn’t grow a full beard I went for that clean boyish look. Until my barber mentioned minoxidil and all hell broke loose! Hang on for this ride!

So I did some research and started my journey with 5% minoxidil.

Picture above is day one month one started using 5% minoxidil twice a day faithfully morning and night.

As you can see I was clean shaving, and by that I mean I only had a goatee no side hair. Very little and scattered hair follicles.

Above is month 3 nothing coming in , just normal patchy cheeks.

I kept it clean and shaped up what I could to at least make my patchy face look decent since I work at a bank.

I was so ready to throw in the towel til I logged onto MinoxBeard.com and read the reviews of 10% and 12.5% minoxidil so I decided to give it another shot and I’m glad that I didn’t throw in that towel.

Above and around month 5 you can see from the side view new hairs growing in however i still had that one patchy location near the jawline.

I kept going and didn’t give up.

I applied 10% minoxidil twice a day faithfully morning and night, and I left it on my face for over five hours during the daytime and overnight at night giving my body a chance to absorb and benefit from the minoxidil.

I started to include Jamaican black castor oil with a carrier oil, such as peppermint adding 18-20 drops in a 30ml bottle mixed with BJCO three times per week to help me thicken the hairs.

I also used a derma roller 0.5mm Twice a week to help circulate the blood around the new hair follicles that we’re starting to grow.

Above around month 6 - 7 my facial hair started to thicken and produce new hair follicles and my patches on both sides started to fill in.

So I continue using the minoxidil 10% throughout month 7 & 8. And my barber helped me keep up with the outline of the beard to keep it from looking bad.

Above month 9th of continuous use of 10% minoxidil twice a day.

Day and night I kept the same routine throughout the entire process.

However, as you can see, I switched up from 5% during the 3rd month as I wasn’t seeing as much results as I wanted.

Thankfully I was able to financially afford minoxidil 10% and to continue my journey.

I knew the 5% wasn’t strong enough for myself since I only saw a very limited results.

I know this doesn’t mean that 5% won’t work for others.

This just means that it didn’t work as good for me, as you can see through my process that the big changes came down the road and all when switching to 10% minoxidil every month my beard got thicker and fuller.

I recommend the 10% minoxidil as they gave me the results that I was Looking for mind you I never had facial hair.

It was always patchy, and scattered hairs, so I always kept it clean shaven.

But now I’m rocking a full beard thick and healthy.

I will continue my journey for the next two years to make sure that everything becomes permanent.

Oh and I didn’t shed at all. Some people say that they experienced shedding. one thing I can say is don’t give up continue to strive because this stuff really works.

I don’t care if every male in your family has a bold face lol you will grow hair with this treatment.

Recap :

5% minoxidil months 1-3

10% minoxidil months 4- Current 2022 2 x’s a day morning and night , keeping the minoxidil on my face during the morning for five hours, then at night, I keep the minoxidil throughout the entire night faithfully for seven days a week.

I just placed an order for 12.5% minoxidil I always believe that the human body Builds a tolerance or becomes immune medication therefore tricking your body is also key to preventing a plateau.
As you can see, I gradually went from 5% to 10% to now 12.5%.

I was using the derma roller for a short period of time but because I now have fuller hair it’s very hard to push through the skin having hair, but it is a great tool to have while you’re starting off.

I discontinue the derma roller for two reasons one of the main reasons was because you cannot use minoxidil on the days that you use the derma roller and to me that was hindering my process so I discontinued the usage.

Everyone is different, so continue doing what you’re doing if it’s working for you.

I want to give thank’s to Minox Beard for providing me with the best products on the market.

Minoxidil 10% is the way to go hands down.

Fast shipping and replies to emails keeping their customers informed.

Junior Gonzalez

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