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December 15, 2018

This review was taken from the Minox Beard Spot Facebook group. We find it very helpful and will credit the author.

Tugain Foam 10% (Cipla)

My first experience with foam and so far I really like it. Can't say much about gains but I think there are some new vellus hairs since using it. Highly recommended. Too bad it's not easy to get hold of. 10/10

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Tugain 10% (Cipla)

I received great gains using this, even better than with Minoxytop BUT it seems there's much alcohol in it and it burns on the skin. And when I say burn, then I mean it, lol. Nonetheless effective. Smelling very much like alcohol. 7/10

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Minoxytop 10% (Zee Pharmaceuticals)

This was the first one I tried after I used 5% and it immediately gave good results. Of course I might have gotten better results if I used the 5% at the time, but you never know. Minoxytop Solution smells very distinctive and it doesn't create flakes on your skin like the Alopexy 5% I applied before that. 8/10

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Mintop 10% (Dr Reddy's Labs)

Very similar to Minoxytop, but the package looks more professional. This smells pretty good and the gains were also good. 8/10

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