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January 23, 2019

Is Your foam always loose and the foam bubbles evaporate too quickly?

If your minoxidil foam is watery it means the foam is too hot. 

Before using any Minoxidil Foam run it under cold water for about 10 seconds, then shake your Tugain Foam 10% for about 10-20 seconds, and then fill your cap half way.

This will guarantee a nice thick foam.

Please check out the demonstration video below.

Bonus Tip 1. Rinse your hands in cold water before you apply minox foam. This will helps your 10% minoxidil not immediately dissolve in your hands.

Bonus Tip 2. Put your Tugain Foam in the fridge for 5 min and you won't even have to waste water.

If you have any questions about Tugain Foam 10%, please contact us via the WhatsApp link on our site.

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