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January 25, 2019

German Beard Brothers

Did you order Your Minoxidil 10% from an Indian eBay Seller?

Did the eBay Seller send your Tugain 10% or Mintop 10% through India Post?

After receiving the India Post tracking number and tried to track it, you realize there's no updates for your minoxidil 10%.

Now its been more than a month and still no delivery of your minoxidil 10%.

Things can not get any worse right? Along comes German Customs.

Weeks after your purchase a letter arrived from German customs. They inform you they won‘t deliver your package because Tugain 10% & Mintop 10% is not allowed in Germany.

Or worse, they also informed the state office of Medical Pharmacy about your Minoxidil 10% order and there might be an investigation.

Luckily this never happen but you lost your money and minox.

This happens every day to a lot of Beard Brothers in Germany.

Indian eBay Sellers are not allowed to ship liquids or foams with India Post or any other couriers like DHL or FEDEX.

Only designated liquid carriers are allowed to book space for liquids in special flights dedicated to Liquids or foam aerosols.

This is to prevent damage to other goods being shipped like books or other goods that can be damaged by liquid spills.

Because they are not allowed to ship liquids they cant declare the content of the minoxidil so they use a generic description, like vitamins or supplements.

This is what customs officers in Germany are trained to detect, the false declaration, the size of the packages and the country of origin are all clear red flags. 

They know India send a lot of medicines to the EU, and 90% will be stopped, inspected and confiscated.

Liquid and foams are also picked up by the X-ray scanners, there is no way to hide it, period!

After this process a letter will be issued to the receiver and no minoxidil 10% will be delivered.

They will either destroy the package or send it back.

You may get lucky and get your product, but it is not worth the trouble.

At Minox Beard we do things differently.

We ship your minoxidil 10% from our EU warehouse to any European address with a local shipping service, allowing for fast shipping ( 5 - 10 days) and 100% guaranteed delivery.

Please check out the screenshots below of our shipping times and delivery to Germany. 

What are the benefits of having your minoxidil shipped from a warehouse in the EU?

Check out what our customers are saying about our shorter shipping times and guaranteed delivery.




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